Dreamcatcher's Cheyenne

                                                                                   Foaled 10 July 2005 
                                                                      RM # 2017485034   KM#2005060116
                                                                Sire: Jonny Ripple      Dam: Sloans Lucky Dimond
                                                                              Stand's 14.3 -15.0 hh
Cheyenne reg RM/KM. Apricot Dun. Excellent brood mare . One of the only Dun’s not related to Spanish Sundown. Comes with a breeding to anyone of our stallions . Was my trail horse several years ago but we have used her as a brood mare now for several years. With a refresher course could be a great trail mount again.  High producer of dun offspring. Has only ever had one foal that was not a dun.